Video Analytics – The new generation Security systems

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October 21, 2016
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November 21, 2016
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Video Analytics – The new generation Security systems

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Thankfully, gone are the days when our most common security systems were big, scary and vicious dogs, as they eat a ridiculous amount and cleaning up after them is never a fun job.

In today’s technologically advanced world and along with mass manufacturing that reduces the cost of most goods, security systems in our homes and businesses have transformed beyond our wildest dreams – wonderful isn’t it!

Let’s look more closely at CCTV.

Professional CCTV surveillance captures video of people, objects and events really well and whilst having this 24 hour monitoring capability in a security system is invaluable, some businesses find it; cumbersome to trawl through video and difficult to identify exactly when and what they are looking for as an offending event.

Enter stage right, the next generation in capability and convenience of CCTV security systems – Video Analytics.

Video Analytics is what transforms a standard CCTV surveillance system into a super smart and effective system that detects and alerts events accurately with its teach-by-example and continuous self-learning technology.  Integrating CCTV with facial and general recognition system software, means that CCTV can automatically recognise and count things like people, animals, bags and vehicles as well as monitoring an event, its direction and its speed.  Events can be prioritised and specific secure areas can be segmented, monitored and alarmed for movement or object detection.

As you can imagine, the uses and benefits of this technology, especially for businesses are endless.  For example, at airports, shows, parties, shopping centres or any event where there are crowds; number plates and people’s faces can be recognised and programmed to alert whilst non-relevant events in a scene can be ignored.  People or objects spending excessive periods of time in one place and/or entering particular no-go zones can be detected.  Positive events can trigger an alert at the time of the event which in turn can be acted upon in real time by the appropriate security guards or police.  Ongoing system self-learning maximises meaningful alerts, improving system and security efficiency. The benefit of immediate action can avoid completely or reduce significantly impacts that an incident or breech could have on your home or business.

If you would like any additional information on how this affordable technology can help your personal or business needs, please do not hesitate to contact the AAVINET Security office on 5602 6175.

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