Access Control Systems on the Gold Coast

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Access Control Systems on the Gold Coast

Access Control System

Access Control systems are mainly in the fields of physical and information security. Access Control can be defined as selective granting or restricting of access by aprocess of authentication using a computer system.Simply stated Access Control Systems either let you in or they don’t! Access control systems can be turnstiles, card readers at a door, your fingerprint or numerical codes,just to name a few.

Access control systems are used everywhere in places like the Gold Coast, most commonly in hotels, motels and resorts to ensure that only guests and other authorised people can access staff areas, guest rooms and facilities.Government departments, IT companies and banks have traditionally been heavy users of access control systems due to the sensitive nature of their businesses, assetsand data.

The great news is,smaller businesses can take advantage of themany benefits of access control systems as these systems are now very affordable. Small businesses are turning to this technology to replace keysinsecured and unsecured office areas. In conjunction with CCTV,businessescan audit access, ensuring only authorised staff or visitors enter sensitive or dangerous areas of a workplace and at the same time,the CCTVmonitors misuse of access, for example tail-gating.Access Control systems can also expand as your business grows.

Biometric (finger print) access control systems have been around for over a decade however, as with many new technologies, reliability has been an issue. Technological improvements have rectified reliability and made biometrics much more cost effective for residential customers as well as small, medium and large businesses. Unlocking our mobiles and PCsare examples of common use for biometric technology. Eye scanning has also been around for a while and we’ve all seen it in the James Bond movies. It might be scary but this also is now a reality for high security organisations.

AAVINET has previously steered away from Biometrics due to reliability issues however it is now viable and reliable and we are excited to offer this technology to our customers.

It is wonderful that Australiahas world quality access control solutions with privately owned company, Inner Range and specifically the Inception suite of products. Inner Range was started in 1988 and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of state of the art access control and security solutions.
For any Access Control requirements please call us at AAVINET Security on 5602 8175.

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