CCTV System Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

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June 26, 2018
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CCTV System Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

ANPR CCTV camera with number plate and other text recognition

Customer Problem

A nationwide caravan company recently opened up in their new location of Burleigh Heads. They were initially relying on perimeter fencing only to protect their stock, worth in excess of $1million.  Unfortunately, the fencing was not enough of a deterrent for a few would-be thieves, so electronic security became a very high priority for them.

The customer’s Sydney and Melbourne offices already have high spec Hikvision CCTV systems installed.  The owners wanted the new CCTV system to be as good or better than the Sydney and Melbourne sites and needed it to work with their existing smartphone apps.

A number of local companies submitted quotes, and with the customer loving Andrew’s technical design, solution proposal, professionalism and price, AAVINET Security got the job.

AAVINET Security Solution

If you need a top-quality CCTV system, Hikvision CCTV systems certainly fit the bill. 

AAVINET Security installed a Hikvision 32 channel NVR server, to cover all immediate requirements as well as allow for future expansion and/or changes to the site layout. 

Due to the physical size of the site, two network hubs have been set up in serial and in different buildings with PoE network gigabit switches to attach the cameras too.  These also have the capacity to be expanded as needed.

A HIKVISION ANPR Camera, 2MP, Weigand Output, 8-32mm (4A26) camera is installed at the main gate.  This camera specialises in the recognition and recording of number plates on every vehicle that enters and leaves the site.  For additional security and vehicle identification, it also recognises and records any text, pictures and logos on vehicles.

Two of the cameras are pole-mounted on-site buildings, set at a 4th-floor height to aerially monitor the entire main yard and all perimeter fences.

The remaining cameras installed are a combination of HIKVISION SMP 4K Ultra HD bullet cameras, HIKVISION 6MP Ultra HD vandal-resistant turret cameras and HIKVISION SMP 4K Ultra HD vandal-proof dome cameras.  They monitor and record all entrances, exits and main thoroughfares, 3 office areas, a storeroom, the customer pickup and handover bays, 2 workshops, and the customer carpark. 

All cameras installed have superior infrared night vision to ensure that low light and night time does not hinder the visibility of any potential intruders.

Andrew’s technical expertise also enabled him to lend some additional help in cleaning up and streamlining the customer’s network cabling.  This added to their delight with their new CCTV system installation.

If you have any questions on CCTV installations or would like a quote please don’t hesitate to contact AAVINET Security on 0418 868 894 or submit an AAVINET Security website customer enquiry.