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November 21, 2016
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December 19, 2016
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Security comes in many forms;physical and/or emotional personal security, security of family and friends and security of our possessions. Why is security so important to us? Psychologist Abraham Maslow’sfamous Hierarchy of Needs tells us that safety and security areabsolutebasic human needs, with only psychological survival necessitieslike breathing, food, water, and sleep being considered as more important.

Safety is what we feel when we believe we will not be harmed and we feel securewhen we experience little or no fearor anxiety.

Our family, friends and possessions are most precious to us and all reside in our homes, so it is no wonder we look so seriously at home security measures, especially on the Gold Coast, to satisfy our necessity forsafety and security. Typical traditional home security has always been key locks on our doors, windows, gates, sheds, filing cabinets and certain rooms in the house. Then we added security screens, and often a vicious dog.Sounds a bit like our prison rather than our palace, doesn’t it?

How do we have home security on the Gold Coast without feeling locked away?

Home security has come a long way in the last decade, the technology is now affordable and provides us with comprehensive integrated security systems. An integrated security system is one whereindividual security systems, like CCTV, access control, alarms and intercoms work together to provide comprehensive security in your homegiving security without the feeling of being locked up. These systems all have mobile phone applications,enabling self-monitoring of your home securitywhen you are out. CCTV allows you to monitor events all around your home from one location in your home or from your mobile when you are out.CCTVcaptures footage should you have an incident or unwelcome visitor(s). Mobile integration with Intercoms and Access Control allows you to remotely communicate with visitors and then allow or deny access to your property. Your mobile will receive alerts from your house Alarms enabling you to immediately engage police help. These systems can all be used individually to suit individual needs or in a combination to give you comprehensive home security system.

If you have been trying to work through the maze of what home security can do for you and what will suit your needs, please call us for an obligation free quote on 07 5602 8175.