CCTV Installation at The Esplanade, Miami.

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November 28, 2016
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December 21, 2016
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CCTV Installation at The Esplanade, Miami.

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We recently completed a large CCTV installation at an iconic Gold Coast resort on The Esplanade at Miami Beach. The customer had a CCTV system installed many years ago but due to damaged cable and severely outdated technology a number of the cameras were no longer working.

AAVINET’s challenge – There had been a number of installations of various kinds of surveillance over the last two decades, so knowing what of the existing cabling was in good condition and what needed to be replaced or fixed was very tricky. The customer also had a tricky requirement – some cable must be reused! The complexity of the building design and the installation of some of the original cable meant that a re-cable was not possible. It had to be fixed, somehow. The customer had a number of quotes with the response being that the existing cable could never be fixed and reused.

AAVINET’s Solution – enabled the existing and mandatory coax cable to be reused. They diligently found all the cable faults and fixedthem, meaning this cable could be reused. Using this existing coaxial cable infrastructure,Andrew and the boys retrofitted the existing CCTV system,replacing the 15 broken and outdated cameras with the highest definition cameras that you can get for coax cable being 3 megapixel high definition cameras. The resulting transformation and video picture quality has been nothing short of brilliant.

An additional 9 cameras being 4 megapixel high definition digital over Ethernet cameras completed the customer’s CCTV requirements.
The CCTV system incorporates cameras covering main walkways, public and common areas, gym, pool, spa, carparks, vehicle and pedestrian entrances andthe lifts. This ensures that guests can confidently feel safe whilst enjoying their time at this resort.

The location was amazing to work at and lunchtimes provided a welcome and quick dive into the ocean to be fully refreshed for the afternoon’s work.
The sheer size of this complex made identifying the problems and fixing the existing infrastructure as well as cabling up the new cameras made this a very challenging installation. Andrew felt extremely rewarded to again be able to solution as well as accomplish an installation that other CCTV companies had said was simply not possible.
If you have a CCTV requirement big or small that you think may not fit the box, don’t hesitate to contact AAVINET and let’s see how we can help you.