CCTV Installation Commercial/Industrial Alberton near Yatala

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December 19, 2016
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CCTV Installation Commercial/Industrial Alberton near Yatala

CCTV Installations

Around a year ago we were requested to install CCTV cameras for a commercial business in an industrial location,as a precautionary measure due to their relative remoteness.
Recently this customer decided they would like to expand surveillance around the main office and extend their surveillance all the way to the front gate which is approximately 400 metres away. We were thrilled when they contacted us again to help them out.

AAVINET’s Problem – Cable can only extend to attach cameras approximately 90 metres away from the recoding unit (NVR), so cabling a camera from the existing system 400 metres away simply won’t work. It would be inefficient to duplicate a set-up at or near the gate where surveillance is meant to start and you still need to have the ability to cover the whole 400 metres.
AAVINET’s Solution–Keep the existing recording unit (and save the customer money) as fortunately there was capacity for existing cameras as well as the 3 new cameras. Install all new cameras around the main office. To cover the 400 metre vehicle movement detection and tracking requirement from the front gate to the office a PTZ (Zoom) camera was a perfect solution. Also added was a covert camera to assist in monitoring time keeping and a standard external bullet camera to enhance employee safety on the work site.

It was fabulous to have the opportunity to perform a repeat installation for this customer and it is a real buzz to know that a customer is so happy with the work you have done for them previously that they come back or refer us to their friends and family.

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