CCTV Security System Installation – Golden Four Drive, Bilinga.

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CCTV Security System Installation – Golden Four Drive, Bilinga.

CCTV Beach

This security system installation took us to the beautiful southern Gold Coast beachside area of Bilinga.

Background – Our customer had an existing and old analogue system. The system was still working however being analogue, it had sub-standard picture quality and limited functionality compared to today’s CCTV system capabilities.

The customer wanted to update the system to improve picture quality and be able to monitor the system remotely. They were also keen to expand their surveillance area to incorporate the entire resort for improved customer, employee and public safety.

AAVINET’s Challenge – AAVINET’s challenge was to reuse as much of the existing cable infrastructure as possible to help reduce both cable and labour costs for the customer.

AAVINET’s Solution – We moved into our 5 star beachside office location for a few days to transform our customer’s CCTV security system. The first step was to remove and dispose of all 12 old cameras. Next we tested out the existing coax cable to confirm what could be reused and ensure it was up to scratch. The good news for the customer was that a good portion of the coax cable could be reused. Next we cabled up the additional coax and added some Ethernet LAN cable which is perfect for high quality cameras. The 12 original coax cabled cameras were replaced and 2 more were added to this coax cable set up. Two IP digital cameras were added onto the Ethernet cable completing the transformation and giving an awesome Super High definition Digital CCTV system which now gives coverage all around the resort. The customer can now also monitor their system remotely through their phones as well as on the on-site monitor.

Our customer’s expectations of the surveillance quality their new security system were far exceeded in this installation, so this has been a brilliant outcome for them and for us.

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