Upgrading Coax Cabled Analogue CCTV Systems

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Upgrading Coax Cabled Analogue CCTV Systems

Aavinet CCTV System

Do you have an old coax cable analogue CCTV system that isn’t working properly anymore?

Are you losing vital footage with your old CCTV system?

Are you exposed to litigation without adequate footage?

Are you concerned about the replacement expense of a new digital IP system?

SOLUTION! We can help you get an IP Digital quality system using your existing Coax cable!

We have recently had many customers with older CCTV systems in their resorts, concerned about their sub-standard picture quality and footage availability due to; old technology not capturing quality footage, current cameras no longer working and no technical support available to fix or replace, and inadequate cameras installed originally due to high cost of CCTV at the time.  The result ends up the same for all situations, their CCTV monitoring capabilities became very inadequate and their legal and liability requirements were not being met.  For many businesses, CCTV footage can be a legal requirement and in resorts, it is needed for protection of both the resort and its customers.

Don’t replace your old analogue system with another analogue system, just because you think that the old coax cable won’t allow you to upgrade to a better technology.  Another analogue system means you are paying out good money for old technology and lesser picture quality.

So, what is the solution?

Our solution, at AAVINET Security, is to use HD TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology.  HD TVI technology is an open standard.  It converts digital signals into analogue signals, giving you an analogue high definition camera.  It also enables HD TVI compliant cameras and DVR products of one brand, for example, Hikvision, over coax cable to integrate with any other HD TVI compliant camera and DVR products.  TVI technology also guarantees a 500metre distance from the camera to the recorder.

If you have coax cable in safe and working condition, we will remove your analogue cameras and DVR system and install the new HD TVI equipment into the existing cable, giving you a brand new 1080P CCTV system.  The result is an outstanding picture quality with substantial cable and installation savings.  This set up also allows conversion to high definition at a time convenient to you, with additional flexibility that any IP camera and CAT5 cable system upgrade will easily integrate with the HD TVI recorder for an all-around high-quality picture.

For a quote or more information on HD TVI, call AAVINET Security on 5602 8175  or 0418 868 894, or send us an online enquiry from our website


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