CCTV Installation Pottsville, Tweed Coast

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April 20, 2017
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CCTV Installation Pottsville, Tweed Coast

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We have just finished a CCTV expansion installation into a school at Pottsville, located on the southern end of the stunning Tweed Coast.

The existing Hikvision CCTV system had 9 cameras however the school realised this was not enough.  Deciding they required an expansion they requested a quote, via our website, for a system that would provide adequate surveillance of the school outside of school hours.

AAVINET Security was awarded the job and we went to work expanding the 9 camera Hikvision system to a 21 camera Hikvision system.  The customer already had an NVR with sufficient ports, so there was no need to purchase a new one.

The new cameras were all 4 megapixel High Definition IP cameras with a variety of fixed lens lengths.The focus for fixed lens cameras is standard and pre-set during manufacturing, and the focus and width does not change.  These provide a wide area of monitoring and are ideal for fixed places of monitoring, for example entrance areas and yards.

The original CCTV system was on its own network and therefore could not and had not been set up to enable remote monitoring.  This was a major problem for the school.  In early discussions network switches, which enable different devices on a network to communicate and solve the remote monitoring issue, were to be installed.  Andrew then looked to save the school some money and got to work to see whether he could use the school’s existing network to integrate the existing and new system, so that the network switches were not required.  The school’s existing network set-up was a very complex one, so our challenge was twofold.  Firstly to ensure the new and expanded CCTV system cameras integrated perfectly with the existing hardware and secondly, integrating the expanded system into the school’s network.  Fortunately, Andrew’s considerable network expertise and tenacious drive won over and it worked!

The customer is very happy with the look and quality of the new cameras as well as how well the twoHikvision systems have integrated with each other.  They are delighted to have the CCTV system remote monitoring capabilities, enabling remote live viewing and a faster response time should there be any issues.

If you have an existing system that requires expansion, don’t hesitate to contact AAVINET Security on 5602 8175 or through our website  We happily service both the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.