CCTV and Security Alarm Installation Robina

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May 21, 2017
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May 22, 2017
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CCTV and Security Alarm Installation Robina

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Our latest large scale commercial customer was expanding into a new store on the Gold Coast, choosing the Robina Super Centre.

This was an exciting installation for AAVINET Security.  A comprehensive installation using some great CCTV analytics technology in a shop area of approximately 4,000 square metres.   The sheer size of the building (height and length) and the installation complexity presented some interesting challenges.  The amount of cabling required, the height of installation, the number of other trades people we were working around and a tight non-moveable installation deadline.

The previous business moved out and the space was completely guttered, leaving us a blank canvas.  We were in at the beginning with many trade groups; electricians, builders, concreters and painters to name a few.

Our first job was cabling at great heights and once completed, We installed 40 Hikvision cameras and a Risco alarm system.

The majority of cameras, 34, were HD IP digital 4 Mega Pixel standard surveillance cameras.  The remaining 6 cameras were specifically chosen for their various specialty analytics capabilities.

Two were 12 Mega Pixel fisheye cameras, with their primary function being heatmap processing. Heatmap processing technology is a powerful business analytics tool determining where people/customers have been in a particular space; in this case, providing data to analyse consumer behavior in identifying where in the store high customer traffic is, how it flows and where it stops.

Next were two ‘people-counting’ cameras for counting people coming and going from the store.

The final two cameras installed were ANPR (Auto number plate recognition) cameras specifically used to capture number plates at night, In the store’s rear laneway.  A number plate can be typed in and the system will provide stats on the frequency and times the plate vehicle was captured.These cameras additionally have capability to open doors and gates, send alerts and notify security guards.

All cameras installed have superb night vision as well as remote monitoring by mobile phone.

Final project installation was a Risco LightSys2 alarm system, covering the seven entrances and exits.It has a magnetic trip switch, called a reed switch, being similar to alarms that are activated when someone opens an emergency door/exit.  This alarm system allows remote access by mobile phone, activates back to base monitoring as well as reporting back to management and the business owners as soon as an alarm is activated.

If we can assist you or your business with security surveillance or you need analytics, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or our office, 5602 8175.