CCTV Installation Helensvale Gold Coast

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May 21, 2017
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August 15, 2017
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CCTV Installation Helensvale Gold Coast

HIK-Vision Camera

We received an enquiry from a family who sadly were being continually harassed by their neighbour in many crazy and unacceptable ways.  As they have young children and nice assets they have worked very hard to acquire, this has been very stressful for them.  They have determined that CCTV is a good step to protecting themselves and they are hoping it will stop the harassment.

We have had customers in the past who have had great success with installing CCTV cameras to stop harassment as well as giving them basic peace of mind, so we were glad to help.

Andrew met with the customer and talked through their concerns with them.  Together, with the customer, Andrew looked at the areas of their property that they felt were leaving them exposed to the neighbour and then he suggested how AAVINET Security could implement a solution. He provided a quote, it was accepted and he has now installed their CCTV security system to give them the much-needed peace of mind.

AAVINET Security installed 9 Hikvision 4MegaPixel cameras of varying fixed lens lengths and a 16 channel ‘I series’ NVR.  Areas covered by the CCTV are the front and back porches and patios, the sides of the house and the front of the property including both ways up and down the street.  The property is a very high 2 storey house and luckily we love a challenge, as its height made it a very interesting and tricky installation.  The upside was the amazing view we got to enjoy for two days.

It is very sad that people are so truly frightened by the abusive and destructive ways of their neighbours that their daily lives can be severely impacted and this can extend on to their children as well.  It is wonderful that something simple like CCTV surveillance has been so successful in turning around neighbour harassment and giving residents peace of mind.

If you are being harassed by your neighbours or are just interested in CCTV surveillance at your house or business please contact us on our website or call us on 5602 8175 or 0418 868 894.