CCTV Installation in the Tweed Shire

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CCTV Installation in the Tweed Shire

Large Scale Security

Installing CCTV in a residential block is one thing as cable will easily extend for 90 metres from NVRs or DVRs to the cameras however what do we do when we need to install cameras more than 90 metres from the recording device?

Last week we upgraded a CCTV system at the amazing Krishna Village.  The Krishna Village is a beautiful 1,000 acre farm located in Eungella; part of the picturesque Tweed Shire.

The requirements for this installation upgrade covered a vast area of ground as well as plenty of hills to see over, so unless we installed dozens of NVRs or DVRs and had power available for each of these devices we needed to have a different solution for this installation.

For long range installations AAVINET Security a product called Ubiquiti.  This becomes a perfect solution when needing to extend LAN distances.

As long as we have access to a single 240V power source at the remote end and some specialised equipment, we can install up to 6 remote IP digital cameras with transmission up to 10kms.

The receiving end can have what’s called an Omni-directional receiver.  This receiver allows more than one transmission point on the property, as long as you have relatively good line of site.  To assist with this needed line of site, we installed a number of poles around the property, some of these as high as 28 feet, 3.8 metres.  This is high enough to see over an average 2 storey building along with a pitched roof.

AAVINET’s security system installers currently install and configure Ubiquiti wireless hardware products throughout both the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast. Our staff have qualified knowledge and detailed expertise with deploying wireless networks using a large range of Ubiquiti network products and compatible hardware.

Despite the original IP installation not being Hikvision equipment, we were able to add a new Hikvision NVR and Hikvision cameras to the current set up, with perfect integration between the two systems and fabulous picture resolution results.

If you would like to know more about these products, or need help designing an acreage solution for your security systems on the Gold Coast or the Tweed Coast, please don’t hesitate to call us on (07) 5602 8175 or contact us through our AAVINET Security website.