CCTV Installation Police Beat Stations Elanora and Broadwater

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February 8, 2017
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March 15, 2017
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CCTV Installation Police Beat Stations Elanora and Broadwater

CCTV At Police Beat Stations

We all like to feel safe in our community and one group in our society that makes us feel safe is our boys in blue, yes the police.

To assist in providing proactive police services within the community, the Gold Coast has a series of Police Beat Stations.  Police Beats are quite different, in set-up and functionality to the bigger traditional detective and lock-up police stations; people under arrest or investigation are not held on site at Police Beat Stations.  Despite this difference, it does not stop potentially nasty situations from occurring on a Police Beat location.  As a result, even our police may be in situations at the Police Beat where they feel the need for additional safety and protection as well.  Also, as it is not unusual for a Police Beat to have a residence attached in some way physically, there is that additional need to not only protect the police but also their family living onsite.

One way of adding some additional safety for our police in the Police Beat stations, is to install CCTV.  CCTV will assist in proactively monitoring happenings 24 hours a day as well as being able to use the footage to look back should there be an incident.  We recently installed CCTV cameras into the Elanora Police Beat, on the southern end of the Gold Coast, to assist with surveillance and protection, outside of the Police Beat.  The areas specifically targeted for surveillance and protection were the entrances to the Police Beat itself as well as the police residence attached to the Police Beat station.  The CCTV cameras we installed are Hikvision 4 Megapixal IP Digital cameras.

We were then asked to quote the Broadwater Police Beat, which is on the northern end of the Gold Coast.  Again, the Hikvision 4 Megapixel IP Digital cameras were perfect to provide CCTV surveillance and protection for both the Police Beat building as well as a separate building that is used as the police residence.

If you need security systems to monitor and protect the people and things that are dearest to you, don’t hesitate to email or phone us.  We will come to you to give you a comprehensive quote for a solution to suit your needs, a realistic price and a professional installation that will help you feel safe and secure.