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CCTV Tweed Heads and Coolangatta

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We recently had the privilege to install two CCTV systems for a customer. The first in an existing shop at Tweed Heads and when their business expanded, a 2nd system at a brand new Coolangatta location.

The customer had an existing CCTV system that was outdated, badly positioned and with insufficient coverage, could not view remotely and there was no night vision.  The business had incidents with both staff and customers that were not captured sufficiently and this made their decision easy to invest in a system upgrade.

AAAVINET’s challenge – To reduce costs, the customer was keen to keep the existing cable.  The existing cable was coax which is seen as old cable technology these days.  The customer was concerned whether there would be a major negative trade-off in camera quality?  The short answer was no!

AAVINET’s Solution – The old cameras were removed.  The existing coax cable was quality tested to ensure a quality installation.  Additional coax was cabled to reach the new camera placements.  Four cameras were installed and the choice of camera was High Definition TVI cameras.  Using this type of camera allows you to have a system with a very high picture quality whilst using the old cable technology.  This was a terrific customer outcome being a very cost effective solution to have a great quality CCTV system.

The customer was very happy and asked us recently to install a 2nd system as they were now expanding into their brand new premises.  This time the installation location was a blank canvas, so we did not have any cable or camera selection limitations.  The cameras chosen were 4 Megapixel Super High Definition Digital IP.  The result is outstanding picture clarity.

The fantastic bonus with these particular 4 Megapixel Super High Definition Digital IP cameras, is the inbuilt analytics.  The cameras come with the additional analytic features of virtual boundaries, heat mapping, face recognition and blacklisting as well as other interface features including alarm interfacing and smartphone notification.

With analytics being the technology of the future and these cameras, per unit, not that much more expensive than TVI cameras, if you are thinking of an installation including new technology cable, we certainly recommend you consider analytic CCTV technology.

Do you need CCTV and not sure what options would suit your needs?  Would you like to know more about analytics technology?   Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or give us a call on 07 5602 8175 and let us help you find peace of mind.