CCTV and Access Control – Golden Four Drive Tugan

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January 15, 2017
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CCTV and Access Control – Golden Four Drive Tugan

Access Control

CCTV Access Control

We have recently had the good fortune to perform another beach side security system installation on the Southern Gold Coast at the fabulous location of Tugan.

Background – Our customer had two main requirements.

  1. a new and improved capability CCTV system
  2. convert a manual key access control system to an automated fob access control system. This needed to include lift control

Despite the old analogue system still working, our customer was very keen to remove it completely as the surveillance coverage and quality that the 7 cameras gave was quite inadequate for the needs of the resort.  Management also wanted to have the capability to monitor the system remotely.

Access control for the lift would need to be integrated with the existing intercom system which could have meant that a new intercom system was also required.  Andrew would need to work hard for a solution to avoid a new intercom system purchase as well.

AAVINET’s Solution – We worked with the customer to identify all areas to be monitored especially focusing on where the customer felt their surveillance hot spot and priority needs were.

The old analogue 7 camera system and accompanying coax cable was removed and disposed of.  In its place we ran Ethernet CAT6 LAN cable and installed 16 new HIKVISION 4 megapixel super high definition IP digital cameras.

Next we installed the Inner Range ‘Inception’ access control system, to replace the manual key locks and then added the lift control functionality.  The intercom integration was still an issue however Andrew’s tenacious personality enabled him to successfully implement a solution with the existing intercom system, saving the customer money on a new intercom as well.

The overall result was very successful and again the CCTV quality stunned the customer in being far more superior than they had ever expected.  All in all a fabulous result and great value for money.

We were grateful for our temporary beach office as the days were certainly warm.  Beach swims at lunch time, to refresh us for the rest of the day and then again after the work day was over were much appreciated by the boys.

If you have a CCTV or Access Control requirement please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call us on 0756028175 and see how we can help you.