CCTV Installation with Audio in Bilambil Heights, Tweed Coast

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November 8, 2017
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CCTV Installation with Audio in Bilambil Heights, Tweed Coast

Hikvision 2 way audio camera 3 - CCTV Installation with Audio in Bilambil Heights, Tweed Coast

We recently received an enquiry from a Bilambil Heights family, who, not long ago, had a DIY Coax CCTV system installed, and were after a quote to expand this DIY 6 camera CCTV system with another 4 cameras.  Their existing system was installed by a handyman and they were not keen to go down this path again.  Handymen are highly unlikely to be licensed to actually install CCTV equipment and they are also unlikely to be able to offer any warranty on their work or the cameras they are installing.  The feedback we have received from customers is that DIY systems, especially when bought online, are notoriously difficult to access support and warranty, should it be required.   A full-offering CCTV company, like AAVINET Security, has a 3-year warranty on all Hikvision CCTV equipment we install, and we also guarantee our installation work.

To expand the existing system the DIY DVR had to be replaced.  With only 6 ports it was already at capacity.  A new Hikvision HDTurboTVI DVR with 8 coax channels plus a bonus 2 Digital IP channels, was installed.  The increased processing power of the new HRTurboTVI DVR, in comparison to the DIY DVR, gave the existing cameras a greatly improved picture and resolution.  AAVINET also added 2 Hikvision 3MP coax HDTVI cameras into the new DVR’s remaining 2 coax channels, and 2 Hikvision 4MP Digital IP cameras into the 2 bonus Digital IP channels.

The 4MP Digital IP cameras were chosen specifically to enable verbal communication between the parents and their young children in different parts of the house – these cameras are 2-way audio cameras with built-in microphones and speakers.  As well as the 2-way audio, these Hikvision cameras have a number of great features including excellent quality motion detection zones and specialised applications for the Hikvision equipment.

Our customer was aware of the 2-way audio technology capability with CCTV cameras but was very unsure of how to move forward with incorporating it into their existing DIY system.  We were very happy to be able to help this customer with a tailored solution for their specific requirements, as well as improve their existing system without having to replace it in its entirety.  The customer is very happy with their expanded 10 camera, 2-way audio, and improved resolution CCTV system.

If you have any questions or requirements for 2-way audio cameras or any kind of CCTV system, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0418 868894 or send us an online enquiry through our AAVINET Security website.  We look forward to helping you with your CCTV surveillance requirements.