CCTV Installation Palm Beach

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CCTV Installation Palm Beach

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CCTV Installation Palm Beach

We all work so hard to buy and maintain our homes and possessions, so whilst it is always very sad to have people contact us to install CCTV after their home has been broken into, at least they are installing it to avoid a repeat situation. Recently, we were contacted for an installation as a result of a 3rd break-in, in 12 years. They knew they could not go through this situation again.
We were glad to be able to provide this customer security, both physically and emotionally.
Our office for the day was beautiful sunshine on one of the lovely Palm Beach canals. We installed a 3TB Hikvision NVR which supports video content analytics, has Dual OS for high reliability, 12 MP resolution recording ability, is P2P cloud remote access supported and has an amazing 3-year warranty.

We also installed 5 different types of cameras to best suit the position they are required to monitor. This ranged from long narrow areas to close up positions to wide mid distance requirements. All cameras are Hikvision 4MP indoor/outdoor High Definition with the same amazing 3-year warranty.

As this property is not fenced off to the canal, security risk of easy undetected access onto the property to break into the home. The property now has cameras and signage installed in obvious positions to anyone who may want to ‘case’ the place, making it an excellent deterrent to all would-be break and enterers. The property now has surveillance of both the front, back and side yards, the house entry points, and good breadth and distance of the canal water and sand walkway leading up to the property.

This installation presented us some interesting challenges. There was very little roof cavity for the cable therefore many of the roof sheets needed to be removed to enable access. In normal situations this does add time but is not an issue but in this installation the roof also held many solar panels. This did not deter the boys. The job was cabled up, the inside monitor was connected to the NVR to show all the camera images on one screen, and the remote access application for the mobile phones was downloaded, installed and customised. The result is delighted customers.

If you live on a canal property and have concerns about people entering from the water or have roof solar panelling, don’t hesitate to contact us on our AAVINET Security website
or call us on 0418 868 894 for CCTV advice and a quote.