CCTV and Alarm Installation – Burleigh Heads

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CCTV and Alarm Installation – Burleigh Heads

CCTV Alarm Peace Yoga Meditation Centre

CCTV Alarm Peace Yoga Mediation Centre

Our latest CCTV and alarm customers in Burleigh Heads are the wonderful people at the Peace Yoga and Meditation Centre on West Burleigh Road, this is their story.

Customer Pain Point

Peace Yoga and Meditation Centre came to us with their concern of having no security on their building which has a number of access points.  Their building is one that has a laneway next to it with a lot of passing walk-by traffic.  As they are often open early in the morning and late in the evenings, they were, therefore, feeling quite vulnerable.   Consequently, they were keen to have both CCTV and an alarm installed.

CCTV Requirements

The customer initially decided that they would like to have three cameras and a 4-channel NVR system.  AAVINET installed the 3 cameras, which were HIKVISION 4K Ultra High Definition cameras.  When the customer saw the quality of these outstanding cameras, they quickly increased their requirement to 4 cameras.  This was no issue for us and we added the extra camera to the 4th slot on the NVR.

System Expansion

The customer decided they were so happy with the quality of the new system, they consequently requested a further expansion of their system.   The expansion was to install an additional 2 of the 4K Ultra HD cameras.  As the system is brand new, we were luckily able to do a straight hardware swap of the 4-channel NVR to an 8-channel NVR for only a small difference in price.  The advantage of having a larger capacity NVR from the beginning is the ability to expand the number of cameras at any time.

Alarm Solution

We then installed a RISCO LightSys2 system to cover 2 zone areas which included all entry points.  The RISCO LightSys2 system has full remote access to arm, disarm, monitor and receive alarms from anywhere that has internet access or data roaming via the easily downloadable iRisco mobile application.

The previous access and entry points are now all monitored and alarmed by the security AAVINET has installed.  The customer is very grateful for the peace of mind.

How Can AAVINET Help You?

If you have any questions about CCTV and/or alarm functionality or how we can perform an installation for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can send us an online enquiry from our website or you can phone us on 0418 868894 or 07 5602 8175.