CCTV Installation – Large Rural Community Tweed Valley

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CCTV Installation – Large Rural Community Tweed Valley

CCTV installation Tweed Valley

CCTV installation Tweed Valley

Trouble in Paradise

How do you think you would feel if your property you worked so hard for was randomly and maliciously attacked and damaged by some stranger?  Sadly, and completely unexpectedly this is what happened to our recent customer in the Tweed Valley.  This incident shows the importance of CCTV.

This lush 16 square km property with its thriving rural community was subjected to a widespread attack by a local troublemaker who, it turns out, was already known to the police.  Many things in the community were vandalised, including some of the high-quality cameras installed by AAVINET a few years ago to stamp out some petty thieving.  The great blessing was that the remaining cameras clearly identified the offender.  The CCTV footage led to their capture, and it will also lead to a conviction.

The community was happy to replace the damaged cameras, as after 3 years, the technology has become superseded and CCTV nowadays is so much cheaper.  The new technology cameras offer higher resolution and definition for greater picture clarity in low light conditions.

The community also decided to add some extra cameras to cater for recent expansion, as well as to further enhance security monitoring in key areas.

The New Installation

  • 5 * 5MP Hikvision vandal-proof dome cameras of which some cameras have been set up to mirror monitor each other in high traffic and key access areas
  • 1 * Hikvision ANPR bullet camera to record and recognise number plates of vehicles entering and leaving the property
  • 1 * 5MP Hikvision turret camera also strategically placed for mirror monitoring

The replacement cameras have the highest available vandal proof rating, being IK10, giving them the best chance against any future vandalism attempts.  Whilst the cameras are not indestructible, the non-grip design and stronger material used in the IK10 rating makes them the best there is.

A Revamp Due to Tree Growth

Due to tree growth, the original digital reception transmission set-up has also been relocated and raised on to the top of a building on the community acreage.  The new and dynamic solution shows AAVINET’s creative ability to think outside the square as well as tenacity and technical ability. AAVINET relocated the network; incorporating a wide variety of technical requirements and under challenging rural conditions.   The newly created wide area network is now mounted on a 21 ft pole on top of a house.

Do you have any questions about CCTV?  No matter how challenging you think they may be, please don’t hesitate to send us an AAVINET website online enquiry or call us on 0418 868895.