CCTV in long range areas

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August 30, 2016
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October 21, 2016
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CCTV in long range areas

CCTV in Long Range Areas

Large Block Home Security on the Gold Coast.

Ubiquiti Blog 2 - CCTV in long range areas

When people think of CCTV, often what is pictured is lots of buildings, streets, people, cameras, cars, monitors, police and goings on.  Thanks to new technology, CCTV does not have to be limited to buildings that are closely located to lots of infrastructure and amenities.

We are finding that there is a significant increase in CCTV customers who have larger blocks, complexes or multiple buildings ora need to monitor stock, sheds or water supplies. Often these monitoring requirements just don’t fit the ‘traditional’ (up to) 90 metre cabling solution.

What if you need to monitor stock or buildings on opposite sides of a large block or acreage property, with a limitation of 90 metres for running digital LAN cable? Can we connect multiple cameras to the same CCTV recorder (a NVR Server) when it’s 200 or 500 metres away? Do we have to install two or more NVRs and cable up each building or area separately?  What about a property that requires surveillance at the front gate as well as the house which is at the end of a very long drive way or a situation where cameras need to be positioned either side of a concrete expanse that simply cannot be dug up.  It is probably not feasible or economically sensible to have a separate NVR and camera system cabled at the front gate.

Great news for customers needing security systems on the Gold Coast and falling into the above large block scenarios.  There are technical and affordable solutions! Access to a single 240V power source at the remote end and specialised equipment, enables installation of up to 6 remote IP digital cameras with transmission up to 10kms.

AAVINET Security uses the brand Ubiquiti, a perfect solution for extending your LAN distances. The receiving end can have what’s called an Omni-directional receiver, allowing more than one transmission point on the property, as long as you have relatively good line of site.

AAVINET’s security system installers currently install and configure Ubiquiti wireless hardware products throughout the Gold and Tweed Coasts. Our staff have qualified knowledge and detailed expertise with deploying wireless networks using a large range of Ubiquiti network products and compatible hardware.

If you would like to know more about these products, or need help designing a solution for your security systems on the Gold Coast, please don’t hesitate to call AAVINET Security on (07) 5602 8175 or 0418 868 894.