CCTV and Smart Alarm Installation – Pacific Pines

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CCTV and Smart Alarm Installation – Pacific Pines

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High Resolution CCTV

We have recently installed the alarm and CCTV installation for the newest and hottest spot at Westfield Pacific Pines – CUT & GRIND CAFE!  The Cut & Grind is coffee shop/café and offers haircuts with no need to book!   The astute and multi-business owner recognises that having security in and around his shop protects his customers and employees which in turn protects and helps to grow his business.

Travelling a lot with his businesses, it is great peace of mind that he can monitor his business at any time of the day or night from anywhere in or out of Australia where he has a mobile signal or data roaming.

Cut & Grind commissioned AAVINET to install both an alarm system and a CCTV system, with a major requirement being a set up that would not impact or be impacted by their network.


New technology, released in the 2nd half of 2017, meant AAVINET had the perfect solution; a Hikvision 6 camera 8-megapixel 4K Ultra High Definition CCTV system.  This 4K system features H.265+ data compression software. This feature enables cameras to run at maximum resolution without negatively affecting the bandwidth and network performance of the system.  This high-resolution data stream can be compressed to such an extent, the bandwidth required to run this 4K system is actually less than that of previous generation CCTV systems.  This, in turn, results in the CPU and network adaptor inside the NVR unit not being overworked, potentially increasing system longevity.

The great news is, this newer technology is very similarly priced to the older non-data-compression technology.

The CCTV installation has 3 external cameras (waterproof and vandal proof) and 3 internal vandal proof cameras.

Alarm System

The internal alarm system installation also has full remote access to smartphones (iPhone and androids), iPad and tablets etc.  If the alarm is triggered, the owner is notified immediately through the phone or device.  They can access the CCTV instantly from their mobile device and within 30 seconds can see what is going on – whether a false alarm potentially triggered by a gecko, or a genuine break-in or trespass is in progress, needing an immediate call to police for instant action by the police.

Modern systems are far superior to the old generation technologies; the alarm can be turned off by the mobile device which avoids annoying the neighbours and security guards (when paying for back to base monitoring) are not called out and charged to you unnecessarily and in most cases after a robbery has happened.  Now, in conjunction with CCTV, you have the offenders on camera!

Be in control of your security with modern technology systems capable of instant action to protect your family and business.

If you have any questions about this installation or other ways AAVINET may be able to help you or your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our website enquiry page or call 5602 8175.