Standalong CCTV System Robina Gold Coast

Hikvision 2 way audio camera 3 80x80 - Standalong CCTV System Robina Gold Coast
CCTV Installation with Audio in Bilambil Heights, Tweed Coast
December 6, 2017
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Standalong CCTV System Robina Gold Coast

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Standalone CCTV camera setup Robina Gold Coast

We have recently completed a very different type of CCTV installation, this time for a gated community in Robina on the Gold Coast.

Type Of Installation

This was not a typical installation where all cameras are attached by cable to a DVR or NVR style recording device.  This is a standalone camera as the entire CCTV system.

This camera-only system successfully monitors traffic around the complex but how does it record if there is no DVR or NVR, you ask and how do you access footage?

AAVINET installed this standalone camera as well as a 64Gb micro SD card within the camera because the camera position was quite a distance from where the recorder would need to be, and it was not appropriate in this situation to have repeater equipment.

The camera writes to the 64Gb micro SD card within it.  If the footage is required, the body corporate can access the micro SD card directly via a wireless connection through a TP-Link router.

If you have any CCTV questions or requirements, whether you feel they are simple or complex, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are available by phone on 0418 868 894 or send us an online enquiry, through the AAVINET security website.